How To Add Biss Key in Ptv Sports

This Guide For Only Ptv Sports Channel I Have NEOSAT, Digital Satellite Receiver.


Follow These Instruction Step By Step.

  1. Open Your PTV Sports Channel.
  2. Pick Your Receiver Remote and Press INFO Button.
  3. Then You Press INFO Button Your Receiver Show Channel List Next Step is Dail 1234 Through Your Remote.
  4. Then You Do Step 3 You see Code Option appear in your screen Then Add New Biss Key and Press ok.
  5. Your Channel is Active Enjoy!
Working Guide I Try This Method And Work For Me
If You Like Info Plz Share With Your Friends. Also if You Have Issue Comment Here.
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23 Responses

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    how to put key in star track or neosat receiver it does, nt work.

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    How to enter biss key in neosat super plus racever

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